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This is the motto and challenge won by Camar: the rapid and simple adjustment of kitchen base units by a simple hexagonal screwdriver, with no need of visible holes in the inside part of the cabinet. Thanks to the new 436 leg series, patented by Camar, it is finally possible - to use a common tool, a simple screwdriver, to make all adjustment in an easy and quick way - to reach the adjustment spots easily, even when cabinet legs are very small - to adjust any kitchen cabinets, including appliances, with little effort and with no weight limits. - to have no more visible holes inside the cabinets to access the adjustment spots - to adjust the back legs of a kitchen cabinet from the front - to have an easy adjustment of the legs which are normally difficult to access, such as back legs on a corner, by accessing them from the front. How is this possible ? Innovation is not made with words… Camar technical and commercial staff are ready to show you the features and the operating principle of the revolutionary 436 leg series.


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