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All the technical and innovation skills of Camar can be seen in their new panel hanging bracket 814.35. They are able to include, with a thickness of only 10mm, multiple adjustment ability and an anti-drop safety system. The 814.35 bracket is particularly suitable for mirrors and wall panel claddings and offers a height adjustment of 8mm and a depth adjustment of 2mm, allowing the panel to be perfectly flush with the wall. The bracket also includes an anti-drop safety system which can resist movements from any direction, preventing the panel from accidental unlocking from the wall. The limited size and the particular shape of this bracket allow an extremely easy and fast panel milling. There are only three simple drillings 35mm diameter and 10mm depth that are required to insert 814.35 into the back side of the panel. 

SICAM 2015: Pavilion 7 - Stand B10



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