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An absolutely "better" sofa.More comfortable, more elegant and more versatile. With this premise was born Absolu, the new creation of Francesco Binfarè, who describes it this way: "…Then my friend went away. And I realized that I had made many sofas. Beautiful sofas. And the world is full of sofas. So I thought about putting something small in the sofa, a jewel, a small thing that could tell the story. But that thing was already there. It was the “smart” pillow that I had already invented a year ago. So I took it and put it in another sofa. Because the world is full of sofas…. But with the smart pillow it is absolutely another thing. And so they called it Absolu." A sofa that corresponds to a classic typology of living, made extraordinary by a pioneering invention like this pillow that can be used as armrest or backrest, adapting to the contemporary human behavior and the new functions it requires. "Sometimes in the history of models," continues Binfarè, "even those of clothing, a little invention created unpredictable opportunities for renewal. Just think of the zipper or the button-fastening. I think the invention we call smart pillow is something analogous to the more exclusive world Edra belongs to. " Maximum modularity, important fabrics and precious details add to the charm of Absolu, which comes in various sizes of depth and regular or irregular shapes of seats to offer the greatest potential for interpretation. An exclusive stud made of brass plated with finishes in shiny gold, palladium and ruthenium allows the insertion of the smart pillow. The fabrics, velvet and chenille, have strong texture and solid colors to emphasize the formal elegance of Absolu. Absolu is the latest addition to the collection of Edra sofas and synthesizes the evolution of the technological, aesthetic and formal research of a company that stands out for its role as a leader in innovation. Absolu has been displayed at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, in April 2015.


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