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La Cividina and Antonino Sciortino share an outlook on style and their fruitful partnership has continued. The Sicilian designer has presented a fresh take on the old trade of blacksmithing and turned it into a pure form of creativity. The pair have shown a shared desire and ability to boldly explore unique creative solutions once again this year. The result is Accursio, a collection of steel tables with light cross-shaped bases that contrast with the solidity of the construction materials. Consequently, the range is light and airy while also offering unbeatable stability and solidity. There are round, square and rectangular tables in numerous sizes in the Accursio collection, with heights ranging from 35 cm to 85 cm, so they can be matched in original combinations to create decorative or supportive islands. The following colours are available for the matt coating: sky blue, green, ivory, mud, plum, chocolate and black.


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