ADD SYSTEM by La Palma

ADD SYSTEM by La Palma

Manufacturing company

They used to say 9:00 to 5:00. It was a certainty, all defined, times, spaces, hierarchies. Today it’s another fluidity, another profile. The digital revolution has changed the world, our work, and Lapalma has interpreted this epochal passage, transforming flexibility into a strong, recognizable, light project. The light concept of the Lapalma office answers the questions of new professional spaces. And since we work at home, on the train, at the airport, in the lounge of a hotel, wherever we are connected, the office has become a home, a place of meeting, of movement, of reflection. Inspired by this boundless reality, Lapalma has created products and systems, such as ADD SYSTEM, which perfectly interpret the third millennium and which, offering solutions of extraordinary coherence and versatility, inhabit the open space and structure it with ease. Such a system is open and democratic where every Lapalma product finds its place. With naturalness. Which today means wellness.


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