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One of the most widespread contemporary trends is the development of a cosy and healthy kitchen, placed in a technological and smart environment. What is more fulfilling than cooking our delicacies in a stimulating and ergonomic place? LINAK has been thinking about this for many years, since it has always stood out for its innovation, versatility and ergonomics in the kitchen. LINAK’s actuator systems and lifting columns represent the perfect integration of a linear and essential design with a simple and user-friendly functionality. Height adjustable kitchen islands turn the cooking area into a versatile and comfortable environment to perform daily tasks in the most suitable position for the end user The most appropriate posture is actually not the same for everybody. LINAK provides its clients with innovative and ready-to-use actuation solutions that improve people’s quality of life and working environment. The Deskline collection is recommended for kitchens. The opportunity of simply height-adjusting the worktops, as well as tables, islands and “peninsulas” is good for the health of end users, who on the contrary, when they work in front of a too high or too low island or worktop, are obliged to go into awkward postures which, as time goes by, might have deleterious consequences for the body: muscle aches, neck and back pains. In other words, people with different heights, traditionally wife and husband, but even a child or a disabled, cannot use worktops with standard pre-scheduled heights! And thus LINAK comes into play: through its user-friendly lifting systems, it spreads the higher ergonomics of modern kitchen, first of all by adjusting the height of its worktops.



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