ALPLUS by Frezza

ALPLUS by Frezza

Manufacturing company

Alplus is a new flexible office furniture system that responds to the needs of new worksetting and open-plan working environments. It includes desks, conference tables, benches, sofas, armchairs and storage elements. It stands out for its painted die-cast aluminium structure and an essential and soft line obtained from high technology processing. It features metal trays for storing objects, removable accessories such as two types of armrests (fixed and swivel) for temporary laptop support, which can also be hooked onto benches and sofas and connecting elements for 2, 3 and 4-way benches to create corner compositions. Removable dividing panels made of chipboard and polyurethane foam and covered in fabric can be attached to the backrests of the seats, which guarantee acoustic protection and delimit the spaces. The alternation of furniture such as benches and tables for coworking use combined with a proposal of armchairs and sofas, harmonizes with more traditional workstations. For videoconference or informal meetings, the Pod meeting of Alplus is proposed as a private meeting space with the possibility to integrate monitors and electrified table.


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