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ART. 436-437-471

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New trend in kitchens
The kitchens shown on Eurocucina 2015 have confirmed the current trend to reduce the height of plinths in order to give more elegance to the kitchen composition and save more space in base units. Furthermore, nowadays design requirements tend to ask for cleaner forms, with the consequent elimination of visible holes in the internal part of cabinets.

The answer of Camar: front adjustment 
Camar responded to these new market requirements by producing a range of legs expressly conceived for the limited space between carcase and floor; where the access to adjustment spots is consequently more difficult. The new Camar legs with adjustment from the front allow an easy adjustment, which is achieved by creating easy access from under the cabinet and with the help of a common tool! The result? Kitchen base units are adjusted with little effort and in a totally invisible way because the new Camar adjustment system, from the front, doesn't require any visible hole in the inside part of the cabinet. 

What about those spots that are difficult to access? 
It's no problem at all. The Camar legs with front adjustment enable you to reach even the most remote and least accessible spots of the kitchen, such as inside corner cabinets. 

The motto is: greatest flexibility
The three new solutions of Camar legs with front adjustment allow for a number of combinations and offer the possibility to adjust both front and back legs automatically by an extension shaft. Alternatively you can choose a manual adjustment for the front legs and an automatic adjustment for the back legs, with or without the extension shaft. All options have several models of legs and several heights, which can satisfy the most varied requirements. A large number of sockets provide a wide choice to match the usual drillings which may already be in use on customers' production lines. 

Assembler's satisfaction 
The front adjustment of the back legs is so quick and easy, with no need for specialist or cumbersome tools; which is a great time saver for the assembler. The simple adjustment, even of particularly heavy cabinets, such as household appliances and columns as well as the possibility to adjust more than one leg at the same time makes the installation of a kitchen very quick; like a game.

SICAM 2016: Hall 7 - Stand B10



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