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At the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2016, Euromobil cucine presents Arte, the new cooking hub by Marco Piva. The project concept stems from the knowledge that the kitchen is a special place in the home, where elements of nature are used and transformed: water, fire, air and earth. It’s almost a magic laboratory for experiments and research involving tradition and innovation. Nowadays kitchens combine the traditional aspects of an intimate private place with other more modern ones which include socialising. This multi-functional approach, which has a strong influence on kitchen layout, also derives from an increasingly closer relationship between kitchens and living rooms, which are often contiguous. When designing ARTE it was essential to take into account flexibility of use and the modern “cultural context“ that has developed around food, resulting in research into its origins, transformation, preservation and consumption. In effect, the modern trend is to seek dynamic balance between the need to nourish ourselves and the ritual of preparing something new. The elements of ARTE have therefore been defined according to this dynamic dualism, with active spaces for “storing”, “displaying” and even “growing” FOOD. All the technical units in the kitchen; hotplates, sinks, taps and extractor hoods can disappear and re-appear by means of a mechanical system. Concealed doors on floor-standing storage cabinets or wall units give an air of absolutely uncluttered elegance to the infinite composition possibilities of ARTE and therefore to the areas where the units are fitted. The modularity of the entire system provides full customisation for the end user, with user-defined measurements, finishes and a wide range of colours. In terms of shape, the visual focus point is a large portal; it surrounds the compositions almost as if it were a picture frame. The forms are interpreted by different contrasting materials; natural ones such as stone and wood contrasting with artificial ones such as glass and metal. An example is the stunning effect of eucalyptus contrasting strongly with steel, whose technical characteristics and resistance contribute to ensuring product durability. All the materials are also “interpreted" by refined textures that emerge and then disappear on the work surfaces, creating a beguiling play on touch and sight. The manual activities required to use the numerous functions of Arte have also been studied to reduce to a minimum the movements necessary to prepare and present food, and to introduce technological wizardry, which illuminates. ARTE is the kitchen of the future, designed to perform its functions without renouncing its status as a stunningly attractive proposition.





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