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The new Baxter collection designed by Paola Navone is tinged with grey-green. In many different shades. Jade green. Malachite green. Oxidised copper green, like 1950s ceramics. As always, beauty of this kind is made of things we have perhaps already experienced. They share a simplicity of form, natural materials and an attention to upholstery down to the very last detail. These pieces are unexpectedly matched with travelling companions that tell their own story of the world. Special guests that immediately pull you in to learn about the route they took to get here. Baxter’s leather is the soul of the collection as always. Leather that has undergone sophisticated tanning processes. Extremely soft leather that falls like fabric. As only Baxter knows how. Smooth and shiny leather. Now also a leather that has been crumpled like paper. The large sofa is a mass of soft cushions that fold up like large quilts. For sleeping, reading, meditating and dreaming. A bed that looks like a bench and a bench that looks like a bed. Covered in light leather that falls like fabric. Completely removable. And a large table with a copper tube structure and an acidated crystal tabletop that reveals a glimpse of the structure’s shadow. Dedicated to poetic and informal houses. A chair that has literally been wrapped in crumpled leather like paper and tied behind the backrest. Interesting and imperfect. An armchair made from stretched shiny leather with rounded forms, a small version of the Amburgo armchair, now a classic piece from the Baxter collection. An armchair covered with soft Mongolia, with slender iron legs, a large version of the Nepal armchair. Perhaps an unknown creature from snow-covered lands. Then a large oval mirrored that has been “sliced” in the middle. Three. Four. Five pieces. They come together to create the look of the mirror. Together, the pieces from the collection make up a delicate mixture. As happens in real homes, where pieces collected from life mingle and conform easily to the character of their inhabitants.




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