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Clip Up System® is the innovative patented installation system by Parchettificio Garbelotto R&D department that allows you to lay the parquet in a simple and fast way, with the great advantage to have the possibility to replace one or more tables in any time. Clip Up System® laying is recommended also for the floors that have to be easily inspected. If you need to work under the Parquet, the operation will be easy: just remove the boards, fix the problem and reposition them. Clip Up System® will ensure a fast laying and the floor will be immediately walkable. And the rooms will be furnished at once! 

The installation is made with clips laying on the subfloor. With a little pressure planks are fit together and with the same easiness they may be removed, allowing the reuse of both boards and clips.
With the clips Up System it is now possible to replace a single board in a simple and fast way. This revolutionary patent is ideal for raised floors and the ones that need to beinspected, but also for all public and private spaces.



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