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The new CombiSteam Pro Smart Oven is equipped with a CookView® camera; a camera that provides a live feed direct from the oven to a mobile device, providing users the freedom to pursue other tasks whether in the kitchen or not. The ‘My Electrolux’ app (available now for iOS or Android) means one can start cooking through a mobile device and also respond instantly, changing temperature and humidity level or switching function with a simple touch or swipe on a smart device, supporting busy home entertainers who wish to focus on alternative tasks when pulling together a great dining experience. The ‘My Electrolux’ app provides intuitive support based on user defined parameters. For instance, by choosing a specific dish, professional recipes will be served from the app database. Notifications will then be sent to the smart device to indicate when to actively become involved in the cooking process for delicious tasting results. The large database of inspiring recipes can be filtered by diet, cost, occasion, ingredients or cooking preference. The ‘Social Feed’ section provides food inspiration from Electrolux social channels, whilst personal cooking results (captured live from the CookView® camera) can be shared across user owned channels. Further support is also offered as a shopping list is generated based on selected recipes. The Electrolux CombiSteam Pro Smart Oven is equipped with FullTaste® Steam System technology and a professional humidity sensor, ensuring the optimum combination of steam, moisture and heat. The oven also has a sous-vide function for cooking in vacuum sealed bags at low temperatures where more of the aroma, taste and nutrients are sealed and preserved.



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