“Comfort” seats by Riflessi

“Comfort” seats by Riflessi

Manufacturing company: RIFLESSI

The world of Riflessi chairs is enriched with some of the brand's best sellers offered in a comfort version, where the seat becomes wider and more comfortable. 

Carmen, Sofia and Nova in the new comfort version are characterized by an elegant design with soft and welcoming shapes and by the extreme comfort, obtained thanks to the special ergonomic shaped padding, made of polyurethane foam with specially-made molds owned by Riflessi. All seats are available in a wide range of coverings; as for the basic structure, Carmen Comfort is available with legs in rose gold finish and graphite, in addition to the new hand-brushed brass, titanium and cobalt finishes, as well as Sofia Comfort which also adds the wood finishes in natural stained ash, walnut, wengè or coke, while the Nova base can be customized with a hand-brushed graphite, brass, titanium and cobalt finish, chrome or gold.