Manufacturing company

altreforme carries on the functional research to propose to the contemporary design world new and high personality products and projects in aluminium. The company was established in 2008 thanks to an idea of Valentina Fontana, third generation of Fontana Group, world leader in design and manufacturing of aluminium car bodies for the greatest automotive companies. altreforme uses unique know-how and technologies in the manufacturing of this material transferring, as a true "pioneer" in the design field, processes employed in the automotive industry to furnishing solutions exclusively made of aluminium, to provide volumes and finishes impossible until now. The collection and the installation are designed by the architect Marco Piva which enhances the thousand faces of this material creating a catchy setting. The purpose is to give a new value to the aluminium: even though declined in different range of colours, its surface is nor covered neither hidden by the colour and the metal is visible, the undisputed protagonist. altreforme gives shape to a collection that introduces cases, tables and chairs up to the lighting, declinable in different sizes: the leitmotiv is the aluminium and its versatility. The installation does not show only a collection of products but a unique expertise: the capability in aluminium processing, from shape to surface. This know-how is well rendered in altreforme sartoria, made to measure service addressed to architects and interior designers where altreforme develops, as in a sophisticated atelier, projects and products upon request, also in unique exemplaries and with unexpected shapes and surfaces. altreforme confirms its continuous research and experimentation with a challenging and sustainable material as aluminium, in new shapes and in new surfaces, creating new settings and styles of living.




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