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DELTACALOR presents DRYER PLUS, the innovative towel warmer that allows a faster warming of your bathroom and clothes drying. Two versions available: DRYER PLUS ELECTRIC AND DRYER PLUS MIXED, connected to the heating water and equipped with electric resistance. 
DRYER PLUS, evolution of DRYER, is a true multifunctional "3 in 1" product, which turns into a useful and handy clothes rack dryer. Thanks to the mobility of the upper part of the device, which allows to tilt its diffuser to 90°, and to the two functions "Boost" and "Dryer", this innovative towel warmer finds in its versatility its own expression. 
The “Dryer” button allows to start an extremely silence and fast heating convector which, together with the baffle, which is adjustable in many positions from 0 to 90 °, it allows to optimize the air convection and get a better drying of clothes. The "Boost" button, instead, activates more widespread ventilation in the environment allowing a more uniformed heating of the bath. Three sets of programs, thanks to a built-in daily analogue thermostat timer, allow to activate the towel warmer in the morning, in the evening or in both ways, depending on your needs. Added to these, there are two more antifreeze and comfort programs. Belonging to the patented collection IDEAS - symbol of DELTACALOR’s design philosophy which is based on total quality and constantly evolving technology - DRYER PLUS is an intelligent solution that perfectly interprets efficiently the simplicity of everyday life, with excellent value for money.
DRYER PLUS is also available in mixed version (connected to the heating water and equipped with electric resistance).



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