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“I feel like I’ve come home,” is how designer Tiziano Bistaffa describes the emotions that are triggered in him at the sight of the Collection Eliza, which was designed for the Selva Timeless line. In spite of the clear lines and doing away with frills, three new finishes in the shabby chic look lend the furniture collection Eliza a hint of romance. The sonorous names of the finishes are “White Vintage”, “Taupe Grey Vintage”, and “Chocolate Vintage”. In connection with the classically timeless furniture creations from the Collection Eliza, they will transform every space into a cozy, feel-good setting. Distressed touches on the corners and edges express the charm of imperfection, thus radiating a pleasant sense of comfort. “Because people should live with the furniture and not just next to it,” says designer Bistaffa.




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