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ERCOLINO SYSTEM is the new range of kitchen legs with front adjustment. Camar shows how quick and easy it is to adjust the legs of a kitchen base unit, using only a common screwdriver! This can be easily managed despite the reduced space between cabinet and floor and the loading of a good 150 kilograms on the inside. This is made achieved by creating easy access from under the cabinet. The new Camar legs with adjustment from the front allow an easy levelling of all legs, including the least accessible ones, such as inside corner cabinet legs, by accessing them from the front.
The new Camar ERCOLINO SYSTEM series allows for several levelling options: 
- Front legs can be adjusted either manually or with a 4mm Allen key; 
- Back legs can also be adjusted from the front, either with the same 4mm Allen key and an extension shaft, or directly with the new Camar long screwdriver which aligns with the legs easily, thanks to guided access in the sockets. 

The available combinations are endless, thanks to the many leg options (in height from 5 to 10 cm) which can be selected to fulfil the most various requirements, as well as the large range of sockets, that suit the drillings customers are already using for their production. The ERCOLINO SYSTEM series also includes plastic legs which are also compatible with the most frequently used bases for refrigerators. Camar's ERCOLINO SYSTEM is an extremely comprehensive leg system, saving kitchen assemblers time and effort, as well as creating an aesthetic advantage of no visible holes in the inside of the cabinets. Furthermore, the simple adjustment, even of particularly heavy cabinets, such as household appliances and columns, and the possibility to adjust more than one leg at the same time makes the installation of a kitchen very quick, like a game. Strong, fast, easy, precise: these are the features which make the new Camar ERCOLINO SYSTEM range a winning project, which has already been fascinating kitchen manufacturers all over the world.



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