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It is a primary object. Contained in size, because real elegance is subtle, and never excessive. Sofas are interesting objects. I like to design them because they are that place in the house where people exercise an interpersonal relationship resulting in a physical activity that keeps track of behavioral changes. Sofas are small fluffy architectures. All the sofas I designed for Edra tell the story of the changes in human behavior. They belong to different eras and yet they are timeless, because they are not influenced by trends. In my opinion, today people feel denuded in this huge global space that is also very conformist. The need for roots grows—a very basic need. We return to the essential, but with new, sophisticated technologies and an evolution in their use available. For instance, I had the cushion that we called "smart", already used in the Standard and Absolu models: an invention that has "moved" the sofas, in the literal sense of the term. Why make another one? Why make a third couch with the smart cushion? For the same reason why the soccer player Messi felt the need to make that third goal at the end of a game already won two to zero, as if it were just beginning, becoming the top champion of all time. Valerio Mazzei, president of Edra, had seen him on television and had been impressed. He called me and told me, we need to make a third couch. And he was right. Because we always need perseverance. This is the value of my collaboration with Edra. Creativity is always choral. The creator is the one who focuses. The characteristic of my way of thinking is the encounter. It is from the encounter with others that my best ideas come. For me, the client’s request is never a limit. It is inspiring. I love having someone asking me to apply my experience to do something, leaving me all possible imaginative freedom. But I also love collaboration and brain-storming. Edra is an incredibly important space, because it is still a space where our creative culture occurs. It occurs with passion, with intelligence, with skill, with the determination of people. Italian companies, especially small and medium-sized, they are not financial abstractions, they are people. I think that fruitful work, really fruitful, arises from the people you meet. Edra is such a space in this little world of design and interior architecture, in which I made my journey and I still do, hoping to be increasingly fruitful.And this is how this new sofa was born. It has a sober and essential elegance. It shows an objective beauty that transcends emotion. It is a sofa suitable for different environments, consisting of sectional elements that can transform its proportions and geometry. It is "flexible" because it bends to the needs of different uses. It's cozy and welcoming, to stimulate the encounter between people. In just one word, it is elegant—just the way we like any important piece in our homes to be.


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