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“ETHER is a consistent collection of light, exploring the timeless elegance of high-technology dematerialization combined with the freedom of expressing your own creativity”. Philippe Starck A family of lamps that originates a new archetype: a body that is ethereal, pure and almost immaterial. Its naked, transparent base can be customised according to personal tastes and styles by ‘dressing’ it with a chrome or copper galvanic aluminium hat that incorporates the LED light source, and a shade available in multiple finishings and materials: amber coloured injection moulded plastic, which simulates the spirit of the ground glass of times past, or transparent yellow, in a more contemporary high tech style, or classic pleated fabric, or natural raffia, and so on. Thanks to perfect range integration between the design and architectural divisions, for the first time Flos has brought together coordinated models for residential and professional use in the same product family. Ether is made up of two table models, a suspension lamp and a floor-standing variant, as well as a series of recessed spotlights, also with small interchangeable shades in the same variety of finishings. The table models are finally joined by a small table lamp fitted with a dimmer and a micro USB rechargeable battery power supply that has a life of six hours, making it ideal for cordless portable use.



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