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FENIX NTM®, developed by an international team of specialists from Arpa Industriale and with a unique combination of features, is produced thanks to acrylic resins and cured with Electron Beam. In addition, the use of nanotechnology allows FENIX NTM to regenerate itself: possible micro scratches may be in fact thermally healed. It is also highly resistant to scratches, abrasion, rubbing, dry heat, impacts, acid solvents, and household reagents. While featuring enhanced antibacterial properties that make this surface hygienic and easy to clean, FENIX NTM is also waterproof and mold-free. FENIX NTM was created to combine refned aesthetic solutions with cutting edge technological performances. In fact, the material enhances the esthetical quotient of a design project in an innovative way and it is tailored both for horizontal and vertical applications: kitchen, bathroom, furniture (tables, bookshelves, partitions, chairs), healthcare, hospitality, ofce, transportation, elevators, doors. To create an evocative surface material, ArpaLab put great care into the study of a discreetly charming decors selection. Nature inspires the palette of silent colours: warm and icy whites from winter landscapes; light and dark greys from still and running water fows; magnolia and light brown from the essence of earth; acid blue and black from the starry and blackness of the night.



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