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Dreamy solid wood furniture: TEAM 7’s new float bed combines elegant, organically inspired design with a very special sense of lightness. Like all other beds made by this manufacturer, this new design is also entirely free of metal and hits the mark with unadulterated solid wood and a variety of handcrafted details. The new piece by designer Kai Stania is true to its name - the bed appears almost to float in the room. The fine, slim bed frame is supported by a concealed wooden runner. As a subtle stylistic feature, a groove emphasises the floating appearance of the bed: this divides the bed frame visually in the centre, giving the design an even more delicate effect. Rounded corners, fine details in end-grained wood, and transverse grain patterns underline the special craftsmanship. The stylish design of this new bed is perfected by the distinctive headboards: they can be covered with various fabrics – the deep seam is highlighted by five buttons in the leather and natural leather versions (all have piping around the edge) – or in fine wood. The exclusive workmanship is evident in every version. Tall mattresses can also be integrated elegantly into the frame if desired, giving the bed a modern box spring look – variable in width from 140 to 200 cm. With this design TEAM 7 is, of course, staying true to its principle of creating metal-free beds. An ideal choice for the interior of the bed is aos – the comfortable sleeping system with perfectly balanced components made of natural materials, such as wood, natural latex, cotton, sheep’s wool, and Tencel/maize. The system consists of 4 elements: insertion frame, spring element, natural latex mattress, and an optional slip cover. The bed’s organic design and precise woodworking is also mirrored in the float bedside cabinet: perfectly suited to the design of the bed, it rounds out the new range harmoniously - with an option floating freely on the wall in widths of 45 cm or 60 cm and a depth of 35.6 cm, or mounted on the wall with slides and a depth of 42.6 cm.



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