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Flow is the new accessories system for closets and walk-in closets in the home and contract. The project idea starts from the desire to imagine, with a single coordinated and harmonious aesthetics, all the many accessories in the contemporary cabinet. The system germinates from the base element: the sliding hanging rail, consisting in two rectangular profiles and a terminal handle; when closed, a thin horizontal cut welcomes the hooks of the hangers, creating, thus, an elegant and minimal aesthetics. The terminal handle is the recognizable detail of the system. It is repeated in each configuration, and it is customizable with the furniture producer logo or the hospitality brand. It serves as a handle as well as a hanger support ring; additionally, without the base element profiles and mounted in pairs on the shoulders, it becomes a tube support available with and without LED lighting. The basic element can be enriched with new components for becoming, when used individually on the shoulder, a ties/belts rack, or, when used in pairs, a drawer-tray, a trousers/skirts rack or a small kit for hotel contract (a set with sliding rail, a small bits tray and a ties/belts rack). Flow will be produced in shades of bronze, lead gray and white. It will be possible to cover it with wood paper decoration coordinated to the cabinet interior.




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