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Discretion and elegance, warmth and personality: Frame, the new Massimo Iosa Ghini project for Snaidero, is a refined expression of the classic-inspired domestic image with industrial chic hints, playing with materials, volumes, filled and empty parts, industrial evocations and highly sought-after aesthetic suggestions. The new striking and well-structured kitchen is an innovative product that targets international markets with its outstanding quality and select finishing. The value of the materials and the finishings are uncompromising, though consideration is given to the costs and the environment. The steel self-supporting structure functionally and aesthetically characterizes the product, appearing in some specific points in the wall units, base units, cupboards and the island. The metallic frame structure that hosts the extractor hood is the focus point of the kitchen. It is available in the 180 cm and 120 cm versions and can be wall mounted or placed over the island. The exclusive geometric design of the metallic frame and doors reveals the intention of making the cabinets and parts as light as possible while minimizing the use of raw materials. With this vision in mind, the doors are handle-free to ensure a perfect blend of style and functionality. The cabinets and doors of the wall units, base units and cupboards are built of FSC certified wood with water-based coatings or veneered. The impressive wall units (117 cm) have full- height or transparent glass doors. The stainless steel modular elements and their shelves were designed and developed to have as low an environmental impact as possible, using simple welding and brushing processes, leaving the elements ‘‘nude’’, with no final coating. The island, table and work surface recall the shape and design of the stainless steel structure, and they all use selected brushed natural granite.




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