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Hafro-Geromin has rediscovered and reinvented the Fratino Table in a modern style, giving a new connotation to a furnishing accessory that was originally intended for the living room, or even as a work table. Combining tradition with family memories (being the table upon which grandfather Carlo Geromin used to work in 1945), the new Fratino table features a modern design that does not betray the tradition of the past, and creates a unique bathroom accessory for today. “The Fratino table is characterized by massive central legs in oak wood, which make it solid and durable. Its dimensions are variable, depending on the version for a washbasin, so we will have a length of 130 cm or the version with double washbasin length 240 cm. With the Fratino table, you can create a special, custom made furniture tailored to your preferences and needs. You have the opportunity, therefore, to focus on opaque or glossy lacquered finishes for the basic module, which in symbiosis with oak wood and washbasins ensure style and refinement. Fratino creates a familiar and convivial atmosphere in the environment where he is positioned, capturing the attention and transmitting heat.” With its new style, this innovative product is inspired by tradition, Italian history, and the memories of a family business that dates back to 1945.



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