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Updating a classic: to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Frog armchair, Living Divani has edited new versions of this iconic product designed in 1995 by Piero Lissoni and considered the pioneer of low, wide proportions as a new way to live in a more relaxed manner. Without changing the unique design and characteristics of lightness, essentiality, multi-use possibilities, the renewal work focuses on the choice of materials and new ways of proposing them. Living Divani has rediscovered the thick design in cellulose rope of the original model, which gives life to a full, homogenous texture to be caressed with your fingers, available in a more airy weave with two threads or a denser four-thread version. The model created from experimenting with the leather scooby is set apart by its regular field of full and empty spaces: a three-dimensional thread of interwoven leather creates a square broad-knit design, a sophisticated net matched with a gunmetal coloured structure, whose nature is only revealed when seen up close. The most contemporary soul of Frog emerges in the total black Carbon


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