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Gear is a table and reading lamp with a concentrated emission that closely adjusts to specific lighting requirements. It has a spot, rather than diffused emission, and can thus project its light beam onto the working top even from a side position.The body slides along the vertical stem, and turns around it and with respect to a joint connecting both elements. This results into utmost light adjustment freedom.The spotlight’s body is a hollow cylinder-shaped heatsink with the optical unit suspended within.The dual effect of air convection within the cylinder and the aluminium joint’s movement that binds the optical unit together with the cylinder-shaped heatsink allows to obtain maximum performance with a 8W LED. Excellent heatsink operation allows to touch the outer cylinder directly for easy light adjustment.The outer cylinder also allows to move the optical unit backwards so that it is not directly visible in standard usage positions, thus preventing glaring.The lamp’s optical unit is made up of an aspheric flat-convex lens, whose distance from the LED is calculated so that all of the light is projected outside the cylinder-shaped heatsink with no interference therewith, thus ensuring optimal yield and preventing any losses.



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