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FIMA Carlo Frattini presents a new concept of faucet, a disruptive project for the market. A body with its possible evolution that has been created through a different way of thinking about matter and intrinsic functions of the mixer, and breaking the traditional way of imagining a collection. HC, designed by Davide Vercelli – art director in FIMA, contrary to other collections, is a modular system for regulating flow and temperature of water composed by a single concealed body and single external body. Its feature is the strong identity of the project: the single modules, all identical, are placed side by side with different configurations in order to compose all the different products of the collection that are all identical on every different bathroom fixtures giving an absolute freedom to the architect, especially in contracts. 
HC is a modular single body with a rectangular geometry that embodies the archetype of the modern architecture focused on the functionality: no tinsel but only an L section built starting from the wall surface and develops lengthwise. The controls are integrated in the module itself and allow an intuitive and natural movement: pulling them to yourself the flow of water is opened, regulated and diverted. Another feature is the double function of HC that is at the same time also a shelf, a top surface where to place objects. 
Available in different finishing, HC takes care also of safety and saving energy thanks to the silicon tubes that allow a reduction of the galvanic treatment of surfaces.




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