Herringbone Collection by Piaval

Herringbone Collection by Piaval

Manufacturing company: PIAVAL

A collection that thanks to its versatility and variety of models allows everyone 

to customize the office and the meeting areas, according to their taste and needs

An enveloping shell is the essence of Herringbone collection, designed by GarciaCumini for Piaval: composed of two distinct parts, perfectly mirroring each other. A choice that determines a particular depth of curvature and is also a tribute to the theme of symmetry, a principle dear to architecture, also emphasized by the fold of the backrest or recalled in the end profile of the cushion for the seat. Herringbone is a project that combines
a century of specialization in the production of wooden seats with a cutting-edge industrial processes and meticulous technological research. 

The collection consists of a wide range of models, changing look and function according to the base: available with wooden legs, steel (chromed or with black painted finish) legs, sled base, and 3 or 4-spoke base. Seats are made even more comfortable thanks to the cushion and armrests. The shell, in curved plywood, is available in beech, ash and walnut.