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Born from their fascination with the smooth pebbles of rivers, inspired by natural elements, the modular seating KIPU is a further step in the evolution of the lounge area starting at lapalma at the Salone del Mobile 2014. The shape of KIPU comes from the constraints of the triangle, softened by the choice of colours and fabrics, intersected by visible stitches, which underline its contemporary and informal spirit. Flexibility in combining them and extreme functionality, make KIPU a crossover product, suitable for working places, informal meeting areas, waiting zones, libraries but also residential projects, where comfortable “islands” can be joined. Available in three sizes, height and colours, KIPU is designed by Andressen & Voll, two young Norwegian designers much celebrated in the landscape of Nordic design. They have been awarded Scandinavian and Norwegian Designer of the year and have already cooperated with lapalma for the Konrad chair in 2011.



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