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Meneghina is the new series of lamps designed by Marco Piva for Zonca Illuminazione. Its concept originated from a prestigious project in Milan, and its name refers to the masks of the “commedia dell'arte”, which identifies with the city and its cultural traditions. The important functional and formal research behind Meneghina made it not just an isolated custom-product, but part of the effective company production. Created in satinized nickel, Meneghina is available in two hanging versions: with a truncated cone shape. A simple but refined shape, with linear cuts of irregular length finished by laser, permits tricks of light. The light becomes free from the static shape and hovers in an harmonious way in the surroundings. A magic trick that can be magnified with the repositioning of the lamp. Moreover, Meneghina has been designed to be ethically and economically sustainable: nickel guarantees a remarkable resistance, reducing the costs of maintenance and a long duration. Meneghina: a new perspective of light, for scenarios aimed at functionality and emotion.



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