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Moon is a co-planar door: its design achieves the total integration between the door and the wall becoming an exclusive synthesis of decorative elements and interior architecture. Perfectly co-planar with the wall, Moon can be installed to pull open or push open, ensuring utmost design freedom. The innovative design is based on an exclusive ‘s’ shaped profile that eliminates the strike plate when pairing the door panel and jamb. Made wholly in glass, Moon features a unique, oversized door handle in a basic shape which completes the look of the door, becoming an accent feature thanks to the glass insert of the same colour as the panel. This door is available with the closure latch or the keyed version, and it is available in the standard sizes with four widths but the height can be cut to measure. Moon comes in the wide range of the Ecolorsystem coloured lacquered and mat glass, with aluminium frame or milk white lacquered glass and white coated aluminium frame. Moon is now available also in the new reflecting and acyd glass finishings and in the new exclusive leather finishing, which is available in eight different colors with matching cotton stitching and that is always combined with polished aluminum structure.



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