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With the aim of creating the perfect armchair for the many different needs of the contract market, from office use to relaxation, Michael Geldmacher has conceived and espoused an innovative outlook on design. The result is Myplace, a new collection of lounge chairs presented at Milan 2016 by LaCividina. The two shells used for the seats and the headrests are both produced in single moulds of different shapes and sizes. The parts were inspired by the sweeping lines of a conch and they can be combined to form a collection of armchairs that can easily respond to any seating needs. This cutting-edge yet simple concept is behind 18 different armchair models. Their distinguishing features are their flowing forms, which cradle the body and work in conjunction with the foam rubber padding in varying densities to guarantee maximum seating comfort. The Myplace base was designed to emphasize the overall lightness of the piece. Refined oak in black or natural hues is available in a stand design with four legs. Alternatively, black, plum and ivory coated metal can be used to make either a sled base or a stand with four legs.



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