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Randomissimo, the system of modular shelves designed by Neuland Industriedesign, represents the involution of the Random concept. It accompanies the ripe sign of the present collection towards its total subtraction, turning it into a simple graphic line, an apostrophe on the wall. With Randomissimo, the Neulands express the unchangeable, static graphics of Random bookcase through a light and slim graphic sign, designed to offer everyone the top expressive freedom on the wall Randomissimo embodies so well MDF Italia’s identity principles: subtraction, formal and technical simplicity and strong emotional imprint. A furnishing accessory for the wall that, through its playful modularity and the different colours of the compartments, enables to develop small aggregations, as well as endless compositions with a surrealistic spirit that replace an abstract painting covering the whole wall. A piece of furniture for personal items: featuring a reduced overall size, it is changeable, playful, complementary and modular. The Randomissimo system is composed of two different types of shelf (module A and module B) that can be used either by combination or specific project, can develop large-sized and high impact lay-outs. A product that immediately unveils, through its playful modularity and colours, the capability of developing small aggregations, as well as endless compositions with a surrealistic spirit.


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