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This collection comes to embrace multiple levels of interaction between:-the material and the space-light performance and the finishing-semi industrial and artisanal -transparency and opal-North and south poleThis light creates 3 spaces. The space with in the diffuser, the space between the diffuser and the glass shape, the space between the glass shoe and the architecture.The opal glass finish is a man made diffuser to the high performance flat LED light sources. This design of the diffuser is divided in 2, the light distribution and the diffusion. The light distributor is designed to generate a warm round down light and an over the table light performance as well as to cast light on the diffuser. Where the light diffuser (the conical shape) diffuses the light radially to cast over the glass shape and light the space around. The conical inner shape is the same for all different shape what make the collection more efficient and economically sound. Less molds, less efforts, more efficiently produce…when all these ideas come together, one can transfer to the consumer the advantages of what design, industry and artisan amalgam can give.The glass blowing process is semi industrial and in juxtaposition to the technology of the light source and its performance. The Glass is hand finished. A post production artisan work as in cold cutting and engraving and or the technological material application such as metalizing , all come to support the complexity of a product that is techno poetic and industrially performing. Reversing the form of the outer glass part gives the possibility to experience a different formation in space and change the appearance of the light.


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