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Caccaro redefines modern living, presenting design solutions that reinvent space, in a good looking and functional way, with an eye on new trends. Thanks to Roomy - Sandi Renko’s design - the new living system which surpasses the traditional furnishing concept, the home becomes a unique and “tailor-made” place. Like a sartorial dress which fits perfectly, the Roomy system dresses the walls of the home, almost taking their place in a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. No more units of different shapes and sizes, but rather a perfect and fluid ensemble to cater to practical and space requirements in the living area, as in the night area and kitchen. The extreme versatility of the functional compartments is able to satisfy any practical need, and solve all storage problems. What is more, the sober shapes and graphic signs delimiting doors, openings and compartments design essential and elegant motifs on the walls.

The system permits best catering to all storage needs by adapting to all living spaces. To satisfy different design needs, Roomy extends in four different heights, 191, 229, 248, 267 cm and can also be personalized with a “tailor-made” service. Thanks to the versatility of the height of the flap doors and the related full-door modules, the required dimensions can be obtained, without affecting the visual impact of the composition. In the 63-cm deep composition, it also plays lead role in the night area. 

The system leaves room for personal creativity in an alternation of environments which blend together in a consistent and fluid continuity. Numerous solutions that create unique environments and a personal interpretation of space: modules of different depth, with doors, bookcases, display units, revolving mirror, right up to the multimedia module to set up a real home film theatre or to the fireplace module, to create a particularly suggestive atmosphere thanks to the warmth of the fire.



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