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It is said that there is a lot of fog in Milan, a dense fog, that surrounds and envelops you … Perhaps this is the reason that the new sofa system designed by Piero Lissoni for Cassina carries the same name in dialect from Lombardy? Scighera – pronounced she-gera – is like a thickening fog, a soft cloud that caresses you. The seat is wide, the armrests generous, the cushions soft and its appearance inviting. Scighera isn’t just comfortable but also functional: each seat is equipped with a foldable headrest thanks to a mechanism which allows one to bend it to suit the preferred position, to converse or to relax. In the lowered position it rests on the border of the armrest further emphasising the linearity of the model. The system can be upholstered in leather and fabric and is characterised by stitching with a ribbed profile embellished with a line of visible grosgrain fabric available in 4 colour variants: beige, tobacco, coffee and grey. It is also possible to add soft cushions to make the piece even more comfortable.



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