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Frits Henningsen's uncompromising approach to furniture design culminated with his 1954 Signature Chair, which crowned his distinguished career. Carl Hansen & Son is now recreating this elegant armchair and once again making the final work of one of Denmark’s most interesting designers available to the public. The Signature Chair was the last piece of furniture Frits Henningsen designed and produced. Carl Hansen & Son is now recreating this unique work by one of Danish design's most renowned 20th century personalities. A cabinetmaker who held his profession to very high standards, Frits Henningsen always produced his own designs. He often began the process by creating a small model. The Signature Chair, for example, was designed with the aid of plasticine, with toothpicks standing in for legs. The frame was then manufactured in his Copenhagen workshop, undergoing months of testing and adjustments before Frits Henningsen was content with the result. Over the course of his career, Frits Henningsen’s designs evolved towards increased simplicity, with the Signature Chair becoming his purest and most pared-down piece of furniture. The Signature Chair was finally complete in 1954, and fewer than 20 pieces were produced. It is therefore an extremely rare piece of furniture and not often seen at auctions. On the rare occasions it does appear, the chair is highly sought after among collectors and has often sold for large sums in recent years.



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