SIT/STAND by Precom

SIT/STAND by Precom

Manufacturing company: PRECOM

From the modular and flexible Sit/Stand workstation system produced by Suspa for Precom, four different solutions for the desk structure can be extracted: FixFrame, VariFrame, TeamFrame and BigFrame. FixFrame and VariFrame are available for worktops from 1200 to 2000 mm. The FixFrame consists of a fixed-size undercounter crossbar, where the VariFrame can be adapted individually thanks to the telescopic crossbar. To optimize space, TeamFrame is the ideal solution. The structures of the two tables are joined by two connecting elements while the worktops are independent and can be controlled separately. In addition, two or more TeamFrames can be joined together. A solution for large tables with the largest possible surface area is BigFrame, a three-leg table frame. All frames can be equipped with “smart office” that allows the connection between the workstation and the smartphone. With an app, for example, the height of the table top can be changed and stored.


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