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SOUND SYSTEMS 105 and 420

SOUND SYSTEMS 105 and 420

Manufacturing company: HÄFELE ITALIA


Today most people carry their favourite music with them all the time and wherever they go; usually stored in our smartphone, tablet or notebook. And it is always accessible; when we jog, via Bluetooth in the car and of course at home in our own four walls or others’ homes. Especially smart are the trendy Häfele sound systems 105 and 420 which magically turn furniture into entertainment centres. They are equipped with a Bluetooth receiver and up to four sound transducers (exciter speakers). Häfele developed these systems especially for the installation in custom and mass-produced furniture. Exciter speakers turn hard surfaces such as wood, glass or metal into a sound carrier, which reproduces music and voices in surprisingly good sound quality. The sound products from Häfele are full of surprises. They are installed easily and quickly, visibly or invisibly in cabinets, sideboards, tables and other furniture around the house or commercial environments. Whether it’s in the bathroom, the kitchen, living room or kids’ room, in medical clinics, offices or hotels, the ingenious sound systems from Häfele add an intriguing new dimension and a marketable point of differentiation to furniture. Music selection and volume are conveniently controlled from any Bluetooth enabled device, such as smartphone, tablets or laptops. CDs were yesterday’s preferred medium. Today music is transferred digitally, for example via iTunes, Amazon or Musicload to name just a few and music is often listened to via online streaming providers such as Spotify, Simfy or Napster. Streaming offers the benefit of not having to dedicate valuable storage space on electronic devices, yet having instant access to a vast music library. Häfele’s sound system allows cabinet makers and manufacturers to build interesting furniture for music-loving clients. It is another opportunity to create a unique positioning in the markets and generate an additional revenue stream. At Sicam 2016 Häfele shows the new 420 wifi model which allows to play several audio sources and to pair them with different independent sound systems. 

SICAM 2016: Hall 2 - Stand A10/B11



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