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tak is nothing short of the essence of a table: Innovative design, executed with the utmost precision. Drawing on his deep understanding of the material and its unique traits, designer Jacob Strobel upholds the standards for innovative design in the development process: The intuitive operation meets the expectations that our digital world has generated. Virtually made of flat planes, tak brings together an organic vibe with the cubistic design language of cubus pure. Available as a non-extendable table or with extension, it sets new standards in the design world of TEAM 7. Paring down to the essentials – this thought is decisive in the form and function of tak. At a thickness of just 16 mm, the natural wood tabletop delicately stretches up to three meters in length and is available in three different widths (90, 100 and 110 cm). Downward curved edges make the elegant natural wood of the table appear even lighter. It is form-fit surrounded by a buckle made of polished metal. Puristic and yet with sensual feeling, the soft lines in the triangular form of the feet continue in homogenous unity. Tapered downward, they impart the impressive dimensions of the table a delicate note. Unique and yet highly adaptable thanks to its concentrated form, tak fits into every setting harmoniously. The slim form does not at all suggest that it is possible to pull out the table: The joining of the frame and table legs to a single entity creates space in the inside for a new economic assembly of the components. This way there are incredibly short travel distances that together with the kinematics of the pull-out function provide the new comfort of just three movements up to complete unfolding of the insert panel. The elaborate mechanism closely huddles up against the underside and remains hidden behind the narrow apron. The table can be extended in no time like this by 1 m or 50 cm. Three versions are available for the foot solution: chrome glossy or chrome matte as well as bronze optic. tak was awarded the ICONIC AWARDS 2016: Interior Innovation Selection, and is a proud recipient of the Red Dot Design Award 2016.



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