Daniele Venturato, CEO at Area Declic, explains the corporate vision: “Our chairs have what it takes!” Area Declic is a brand of ARRMET, factory active in Italy since the sixties in the chair district of Manzano (Udine). Area Declic's products are made entirely in Italy, often with innovative technologies, mostly made of metal with components in other materials such as plastic, polyurethane, nylon, wood, fabric and leather, all carefully selected. The passion design is a motivation to enhance continuous and stimulating collaborations with many italian and foreign designers; the confidence in their ideas allows to create chairs, tables and furniture complements with a strong personality. An innate versatility drives the company ranging in the choice of materials, of technology industrialization and of the intended use of the products, often they are suitable both inside and outside! The team, creative and vibrant, is careful to the requirements of the market and in the search for new interpretations to satisfy the greatest possible number of furniture concepts in Italy and abroad. The valuable experience in manufacturing chairs, lasting more than 50 years, and the recent ISO 9001 ensure product quality, customer satisfaction and a serene and participatory corporate life. Our Mission Become a reference for the contract market with quality products, functional, sustainable, diversified for the intended use, in order to meet the needs of the largest possible number of users in Italy and abroad.



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