Three generations of the same family are dedicated to business and make it flourish to become a benchmark in its sector… Romanò di Inverigo, Arosio, hardworking Brianza. Names of “our home”, known scenarios, place where the work is heard worth and well-being, therefore, is not missing. But nothing raining from the sky, success is the result of commitment and perseverance. To produce metal bed bases started the grandfather, Guglielmo Suncini; the Company, SG2, showed the initial of the surname and the names of Guglielmo and Gianni: then the son, now the father of the Suncini brothers, who are in command of Essedue, the company dedicated to the wooden bed bases. For over half a century, ESSEDUE has been working to guarantee the peaceful sleep of its customers. To each Suncini family’s generation seems to correspond one typology of bed base. When the grandfather Guglielmo gave up the family business, in the ‘60s, the bed bases where really a metal net: interlacing of metal mesh. Was the father Gianni to open the way to the wooden bed bases, entrusting this sector to the three children. And now, in the company Essedue headed by Claudia, Stefania and Davide Suncini, the wood is protagonist, but appear new ideas.



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