GIPLAST was born in 1977 as a handicraft company specialized in the extrusion of PVC profiles for the building industry. After a decade dedicated to this sector, in 1988 the production of components for the furniture industry started: the T profile. In this sector, it becomes a Leader in Europe, exploiting big productive and innovative capacities. The development is so fast to impose in 1993 to the owner and founder, Mr Giuseppe Marozzi, the transformation of the company from sole trader to a limited liability company, planning in the meanwhile, considerable investments in order to grant a growth in line with the strict quality standards that the company gave itself. The following years were very intense full of big productives novelties. In 1997 the first productions of Edgebandings started. The ownership understood in time the ongoing change on the market and, anticipating the changes processes, threw itself, with stubbornness and determination, in this new market. And the rest is history: the accuracy of the that choice was winning. In that period was born GIPLAST GROUP.