LEMI has been manufacturing treatment tables, chairs and multi-function cabins for the Beauty & Spa, podiatry and medical sectors since 1989. 
The company was founded under the name of Brusaferri & C. at the behest of Emilio Brusaferri and Silvio Genelli, cousins and close-knit friends who share the same passion for great challenges. Their insistence upon perfection led to the development of the Lemi 4 - the first treatment table to include 4 electric motors - thus marking the beginnings of a true revolution in the beauty sector. It was the early 1990s, and new wellness concepts were being combined with a spirit of creativity, initiative and passion for design, thus transforming the dream of these entrepreneurs into a far-reaching enterprise.  Today, in addition to over 1,000 squaremeters of office space and a showroom of 500 squaremeters, LEMI boasts a workforce of more than 70 employees and a production area of over 7,000 squaremeters, including twofully-equipped production facilities in Azzanello and Casalbuttano.  Thanks to its intensive research and development, as well as its continuous pursuit of new industrial paradigms, the company has now come to be recognized as one of the major players on the international scene. The company is renowned for its exceptional design, research, technology, quality, functionality, and meticulous finishing. With unmistakable Italian crafts manship, these fundamental principles have resulted in the development of numerous products bearing the LEMI brand name worldwide.
LEMI’s values include manufacturing products in full compliance with its customers’s expectations. It does this by guaranteeing maximum precision in the construction of eachpiece, as well as by ensuring continuous improvements, even with well-consolidated products. Thanks to its partnerships with numerous industry experts, the company is constantly welcoming new ideas, transforming them in to innovative tools. But LEMI’s greatest assets lie in its staff, with all their experience, talent and passion. For a wealth of knowledge and skill that has enriched day after day in a creative atmosphere, and a youthful and dynamic environment. That’s what allows us to manufacture exceptional products that consistently exceed our customer's expectations.


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