The Parchettificio Garbelotto was conceived from the initiative of Giacomo Garbelotto, who transformed in 1950 his sawmill in a factory for the manufacture of wooden floors. In 1968, the company was given to his son Salvatore, who a few years later decided the shift of production into larger factories and cutting edge. Since then, the Cappella Maggiore location was established, where the group still stands today. It is up to Antonio, the son of Salvatore, the honor of turning the craft business in joint-stock companies in 1987 was created Parchettificio Garbelotto Ltd, which Antonio and his wife Renza Altoè will lead. In 2003, the company is still growing: Antonio and Renza founded the Master Floor Ltd., which manufactures pre-finished hardwood floors with large boards and in 2007 was equipped with a coating plant complete cycle water only in Italy. The decision to focus on innovation, Made in Italy and biocompatibility has proven successful in fact the Group’s growth continues today in spite of the international crisis.
For nearly sixty years the Parchettificio Garbelotto has been producing traditional hardwood and pre-finished floors distinguished by great quality and beauty. In 2003, the Garbelotto experience joins that of Francesco Dalla Colletta to create the famous Master Floor and give a further boost to product innovation. The passion for wood, the constant technological research and attention to Made in Italy allowed the company to achieve excellence in the production of a wide range of hardwood floors and decorative parquet. Over the years, it has specialized in the selection of the best wood from Italy and the rest of the world then processed it in the factories situated in the Treviso province. The entire production cycle of hardwood floors and Master Floor Garbelotto happens in homes, starting from sticking to the surface finishes, in order to guarantee the customers a product Made in Italy certificate, as provided by Law Decree No. 135 of 25 September 2009, Art. 16, and customizable in every stage of processing. The group Garbelotto and Master Floor is in continuous growth: every year it invests in more and more advanced machinery and skilled workers to combine technology and innovation, craftsmanship and expertise. In 2014, the new futuristic headquarters of the Group will be inaugurated. There, art and technology combine the beauty and naturalness of the wood in the full expression of its corporate philosophy.