Parma Reti begins in Rimini in 1950 thanks to the intuition and skilled craftsmanship of the Parma brothers, who develop bed basesfor over 30 years for almost all the accommodation facilities of the Adriatic Riviera. Then, the industrial turning pointin 1998, when the headquarters are moved inside the Cerasolo complex. Larger spaces allow to acquire new machinery - some patented and produced exclusively for the company - that open the way to a greater production capacity. 
Parma Reti quickly becomes synonymous with quality, experience, innovation, and flexibility, and focusesover the years in serving customers excellently, ensuring an ever-greater customization of products and services, and quick deliveries. Quality craftsmanship and mass production merge to give life to a winning combination that would continue to be one of the company characteristics recognized by all customers, together with the constant research for cutting-edge products that meet the needs of anever-evolving market. Technology and innovation are applied to the culture of good and healthy sleep, which Parma Reti helps to spread first in the Romagna area and, subsequently, in other geographic areas in which it operates, and to all its stakeholders. The mission of Parma Reti is to offer a high-quality rest at the right price.

Parma Reti designs and produces bed bases, mattresses, pillows, beds, sofas, and convertible bed systems. It was among the first companies in Italy to produce slatted bases, orthopaedic and anatomic, replacing the old,metal ones, and to patent solutions that combine comfort and functionality.
The Parma Retibases and bed systems are built with artisan attention and customization combined with modern production technologies to ensure convenience, durability, and functionality. Particular attention is devoted to the use of ecological and high-quality materials,certified and coming from Italian suppliers. Throughout the assembly and until the shipment or delivery to the customer,each product is checked with extreme care with strict tests to make surethey meet the high-quality standards that the company has set as its objective. 
The shipping or collectionis very fast - from the time of loading, the orders are processed within 10 working days, and many products are ready for delivery - and the customer service is always available by phone to answer any questions or requests before and after sale. The customer is always at the centre of Parma Reti. 

The company is now directed toward the hospitality and furniture industries, providing everything that composes and revolves around the bed system. Parma Reti serves the major Italian furniture manufacturers and the furniture makers of small and large distribution, developing when necessary evensolutions studied specifically for the customer and with the customer. 
Parma Reti is the ideal partner both for those who want standardized products in large quantities and at competitive prices, and for those who need customized production and delivery. 
After supplying manufacturers, retailers, and accommodation facilities of various kinds (from pensions to hotels, from resorts to hostels, from nursing homes to hospitals)for over 65 years, Parma Reti has the necessary experience to meet multiple needs, while maintaining the same prioritiesin every context: quality of products and raw materials, and customer satisfaction.



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