TWILS, the innovator for the art of relaxation. During its twenty years in the field of innovating upholstered bed designs, from season to season, TWILS has evolved from the know how. Based in the most competitive furniture markets in the world, Twils has for sure made its trade mark. TWILS have achieved the level of recognition, from the production capacity and the extraordinary quality. This shows that new dreams can be born and design evolution is always expanding. Enthusiasm, competence, creativity and research are part of the Twils trademark. The word Twils is composed by the names of Tiziano, Wilma, Luisella and Simone Carnieletto. This represents the collaboration and personal commitment from a family of entrepreneurs that promises to guarantee competitive, high- quality products to the customer. Characters, life-styles, cultures, traditions... every TWILS design has its market, its needs, its dreams, its potentialities behind it. Every TWILS model is built in order to offer wellness, sturdiness, ergonomics, and convenience to the people that chose the refined beauty of an upholstered bed for their bedrooms.



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