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The architectural firm deals with private housing, commercial, industrial and public works, accommodation and industrial design, managing comprehensively the process of creation, from concept to construction. During his extensive professional career, it also realizes architectures in small and large scale, addressing all compositional choices towards a strong deviation from the existing figurative project and conducting, in this way, the testing of a new aesthetic concept through the signs of pure minimalism. At the beginning of each creative process, theguidelines for the planimetric composition are generally deducted from the urban fabric, and the architectural form by a series of setbacks from the wires and emptying road elevation . To the essentiality of these two compositional gestures, is added the use of many elements of the contemporary language, such as folding, interlocking, volumes, projections, empty and full chiaroscuro, masses and transparencies. The use of different external leathers contributes, moreover, to point out its projects as the result of the graft between monolithic blocks. A geometric world where the curves are at most an obligation generated by the location, the surfaces, as transparent as possible, and the spaces are reduced interlocking lines, inside and outside are part of the same continuum, extending to open environments . Architecture design is a dynamic process, a path that leads to constant new discoveries.


Nation: ITALY


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