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The studio, founded by Giulio, Paolo and Michela Baldessari, is a professional association working in the field of architecture, industrial and visual design and interior architecture. 
It works in different groups internally and has a dense network of external consultants. It takes care of exhibition set ups in Italy and abroad. It is involved in research activities and participates in competitions and exhibitions. 
Currently it is leading with public and private design for the residential, business and industrial sectors, restoration of historic buildings and interior architectural projects as well as the collaboration with companies in the design field. 
It has received awards and special mentions in 1984 at the " Una sedia italiana per gli Usa " competition, in 1991 at the " Alcan Prize for the use of aluminium in the built environment " and at the international Trau competition for the design of a workstation. 
The studio won the first prize in "Concorso di nuove sperimentazioni di arredo esterno" Sun Rimini 2007, the Award Pida 2013 – section concept hotel – and the Award Pida 2014 "Pida Friends". In 2015 it won the first prize "One more pack" – creative packaging design – and the prize "L’Italia che comunica con il packaging".


Nation: ITALY





    The MOLLETTA bench, in playing on the typical out-of-scale quality of Pop art, gives a hyper-natural interpretation to the cedar wood. The object thus acquires a double life: the first is that of a roomy seat designed for large interiors and for the outdoors. The second is that of a powerful...


    The Baldessari siblings have excelled in design once again with the new release of their SeiPerSei (SixTimesSix) pouf. After designing an extra large peg (Molletta), their new piece is a hexagonal volume inscribed within a diameter of 140 cm (in the maxi version) and 90 cm (in the mini...


    An "upholsterd" without padding. The innovative texture of the back is obtained by bands of fabric in different colors, laser cutted and twisted manually.  Sofa: steel structure painted iron grey. Seat cushion stuffed of differentiated foam polyurethane with removable cover. The backrest is covered...


    Baldessari siblings Michela and Paolo make up Italian design firm Baldessari e Baldessari and they’re launching a new lamp called ARIANNA that was inspired by the Greek myth of Ariadne. Ariadne is well associated with balls of thread and yarn and the duo thought to redefine the very thing that...




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