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BM Engineering is a design and services team, specially dedicated to architecture and civil engineering with an eye to industrial application, operating in the field for more than 30 years with his founding members . The idea behind our works is to develop the highly specialized capabilities, and to coordinate and optimize the entire civil and industrial “building process”. This means that project development has as main purpose, in all its implications and correlations, its realization on the field, “the final design is nothing more than a metaphor of the built”. The BM Engineering s.r.l. respond to the “turnkey” request, just because we manage the building process from the beginning to the end. Our modern informatics systems and our internal coworker and associate allow us to operate in total autonomy. BM Engineering look carefully with competency and attention at what is correlated to fire safety and prevention in relation with the final design, now essential for the success of design and construction process of any kind of civil and industrial project. For this reason, part of our staff, is qualified as fire safety and prevention operator. The architectural language of BM Engineering is aimed at contrasting aspects, the architectural design is often integration of the surrounding landscape, moreover element of separation and contrast. Tradition is a respected, but with a modern twist. The architectural design is always produced together with new technologies, and above all with the true possibility of what we create with the pencil. The project “Concept” must be achievable.

City: ROME

Nation: ITALY


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